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Crowns (Caps)


This procedure covers the tooth completely. It is used for children who experience cavities on their baby teeth and sometimes used for permanent molars that are weak. Crowns may also be used in circumstances where children have dental decay and are at a high risk for developing more decay. By covering the complete tooth, it is protected from breaking down. There are options such as stainless steel crowns with white facings or all-white crowns for visible areas. 


When you visit us at Small World Dental, we will discuss with you whether this procedure is right for your child.


Did you know? The enamel of children's teeth is thinner. As a result, cavities tend to spread to healthy teeth. This could be detrimental to the overall oral health of your children. 


What are the benefits?


At Small World Dental, crowns can help your child by:


  1. Preventing expensive dental problems from developing.

  2. Enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile.

  3. Keeping natural teeth for a lifetime.

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