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What to Do During Dental Emergencies?


Suffering a Toothache? 


Clean the affected tooth, floss out any stuck food and rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water. If the face is swollen, then apply a cold compresses and contact your dentist immediately.


Chipped a Permanent Tooth? 


Call Small World Dental as soon as possible in order to prevent infection and long dental treatment. If possible, collect the fractured pieces of the tooth and bring them to Small World Dental.


  1. Rinse your child’s mouth with water

  2. Apply cold to control swelling


Knocked Out Permanent Tooth?


Time is of the essence!


  1. Try to find the tooth

  2. Rinse the tooth using water and handle with care from the crown (not the root).

  3. Place the tooth in a cup of cold milk

  4. Rush to Small World Dental


What About a Knocked Out or Chipped Baby Tooth? 


Usually not a dental emergency, but call Small World Dental during business hours for further instructions.

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