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Meet Dr. Abra Dilisio



Dr. Abra DiLisio is a board certified anesthesiologist.  Originally from Michigan, she and her husband moved to New York to pursue their careers as anesthesiologists at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.  After residency, Dr. DiLisio began private practice as a mobile dental anesthesiologist in the tri-state area and has safely treated over 1000 patients under IV sedation.  Her goal is to help provide treatment for patients that are unable to obtain care by other dental professionals.

Dr. DiLisio is proud that she is able to provide anesthesia services to both children and adults with extensive dental needs and fear, making their experience safe and comfortable.  She currently resides in Long Island with her husband, three children, and two Siamese cats.  Dr. Dilisio is an avid yogi and spends her weekends in New York City.


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