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Composite (Tooth colored) Fillings


Tooth fillings are used to fill the holes in teeth after tooth decay has been removed. These are also used to fix front teeth that are broken or chipped. Tooth fillings come in a variety of tooth-colored shades so they blend in with the rest of the teeth.


Children who grind their teeth or who are highly active may be at a greater risk to break these fillings. When you visit Small World Dental, we will discuss with you whether this procedure is right for your child.


Did you know? Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases of children and adults in America.


What are the benefits?


At Small World Dental, fillings will help your child by providing:


  1. A fast way to repairing cracks and chips in teeth.

  2. An effective way to keep tooth decay from doing further damage.

  3. A way to look natural by matching the shade of original teeth.

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