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When to Start Orthodontics?


Treatment with dental braces begins when a child has lost most of his or her baby (primary) teeth, and a majority of his or her adult (permanent) teeth have grown.


Sometimes we may recommend an interceptive approach, which involves the use of dental appliances while your child still has most of his or her baby teeth.


Then, when your child has most of the adult teeth, a second phase of treatment is started involving dental braces or Invisalign (if appropriate). 


Stage 1 – Early Treatment

Ages: 24 months to 6 years


We focus on:


  • Loss of primary teeth

  • Finger/thumb sucking

  • Dental arches


Treatment initiated in this stage of development is very successful.


Stage 2 – Mixed Dentition

Ages: 6 to 13 years old


We focus on:


  • Jaw formation

  • Teeth alignment


This stage is important as your child’s teeth are responsive to braces.

Stage 3 – Adolescent

Ages: 13 to 18 years


We focus on:


  • Making sure permanent teeth are fully straight

  • The bite is perfectly aligned


By now your child will have a beautiful straight and healthy smile.

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