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Getting Ready For Your First Visit


What can I expect during the first visit?


On the first visit, we will help your child get familiar with the clinic. We will peform an an oral exam and depending on your child’s age and needs, we may take an X-ray and perform a gentle dental cleaning. 


We will discuss your concerns, if any, and create a treatment plan to promote dental health.


If you were referred by a general dentist, please bring recent x-rays that were taken as well as any referral notes.


What Dental Problems Could My Child Develop/Have?

Tooth problems can begin as early as the first tooth erupts. Some common dental problems among children are:


  • Baby bottle tooth decay

  • Gum disease

  • Thumb sucking


In older children we may expect to see:


  • Crooked teeth

  • Cavities and tooth decay

  • Jaw conditions


Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Primary teeth help with proper chewing and help in speech development. They help the development of the jaw bones, muscles, and permanent teeth.


What Should I Tell My Child About The First Dental Visit?

The first visit at Small World Dental is an important one as it can influence how your child feels about future dental visits and care.


Here are some tips to get started:


  • Explain to your child that the dentist is a special doctor that looks after teeth and makes sure they stay strong and healthy.

  • Avoid phrases like “it won’t hurt”

  • At home set a good example by brushing and flossing your own teeth and visiting the dentist regularly.

  • Have a great time and be excited!


How Does Small World Dental Manage Sterilization?

After each patient’s visit, the treatment area is thoroughly disinfected. We ultrasonically clean and heat-sterilize all non-disposable instruments. Our staff wears gloves and masks during procedures.

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