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Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist in Staten Island, NY - Small World Dental
Pediatric Dentist Staten Island - Small World Dental

Children’s Dentist in Staten Island


We provide you with affordable and high quality pediatric dental care all in a family-based, child-centered, modern practice.

What is pediatric dentistry? 

A pediatric dentist is a specialist that deals solely with the oral healthcare of children through their teenage years.

Pediatric dentists have more specialized training than a general dentist. They complete four years of dental school and an additional two years of child-focused residency training during which they also learn about child psychology. This directly translates to better dental care for your child.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child is seen by a pediatric dentist by the time they’ve reached one year of age. We generally recommend scheduling regular checkups every six months from an initial visit; however, this frequency may change depending on your child’s oral health.

What are the benefits of seeing a pediatric dentist?

  • Prevent expensive dental problems from developing

  • Your child will learn responsibility and develop good oral habits

  • Small World Dental is designed with your child's needs in mind

  • We are trained and experienced in dealing with children

Our pediatric and orthodontic services covers a wide range of procedures

As soon as your child has their first tooth or before their first birthday, make sure to request an appointment to begin their preventive dental care.

Crowns (Caps)
Habit Appliance Therapy
Infant Oral Exams
Laser Surgery
Preventive Care
Pulp Therapy
Space Maintainers
Tooth Extraction
Tooth Fillings
Minor Ortho Therapy
Removable Appliances
Lip & Tongue-Tie
Emergency Care
Nitrous Oxide
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