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A Parent’s Guide to Teen's Teeth

12 to 18 years


During this stage, teens are introduced to many oral health risks. Teens often develop an increased concern with their appearance as they experience teeth staining, decay, or crooked teeth. If not properly treated, these dental problems can lead to low self-esteem and depression as well as future dental complications.


Be Aware of New Dental Risks




  • Consider orthodontics if your child’s teeth are crooked


Wisdom Teeth


  • We may recommend your child's wisdom teeth be removed in order to prevent overcrowding and decay




  • Use mouthguards during sports activities involving falls, risk of head contact with equipment, or risk of head contact with other players




Tobacco products are harmful to oral health and it is advised to avoid products altogether. Usage can lead to:


  • Higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay

  • Painful gum surgery or tooth extractions

  • Staining of the teeth

Are Tongue and Lip Piercings Healthy?


Some teens may want oral piercings in their lips, cheeks, or tongue. However, piercings can have negative consequences to their oral heath:


  • Infection and soreness

  • Cracks or chips in teeth

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